BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfixterm: add the other G* character set codesB. Watson15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-09-04fixterm: add the other G* character set codesHEADmasterB. Watson
2018-08-29fixterm: fix a urxvt or xterm that's stuck displaying gibberishB. Watson
2018-08-29selfunload.pl: include url in scriptB. Watson
2018-08-29selfunload.pl: test case for a segfault bug in irssiB. Watson
2018-08-29slacktopic.pl: don't do automatic update right after a forced oneB. Watson
2018-08-29slacktopic.pl: only cache last result. add a way to manually force-set the date.B. Watson
2018-08-29slacktopic.pl: cache results of reading ChangeLog (save bandwidth)B. Watson
2018-08-29slacktopic.pl: only change topic if the update is a security fixB. Watson
2018-08-26slack_last_update.sh: minor comment changesB. Watson
2018-08-26slacktopic.pl: refactor a bit, comment a lotB. Watson