axeATR/XFD Extractor (Atari disk image utility)yalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com4 years
bsd-games-extraBSD games that are missing from Slackware's bsd-gamesyalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com5 years
bw_atari8_utilsAtari 8-bit utilities for *nixyalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com5 years
col80Software 80-column Atari display (reverse engineered)yalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com5 years
defenderReverse engineering of Atari 800 Defenderyalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com3 years
elvi-impersonatorsElvi for surfrawyalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com6 weeks
fujichatIRC client for the Atari 800/XL/XEyalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com15 months
img2atariConvert images to Atari 8-bit formatyalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com15 months
irssi-urlmanagerYet another URL catcher for irssiyalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com5 years
jumpmanjrReverse engineering of Atari 800 Jumpman Junioryalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com4 years
miragextractExtract data/audio tracks from CD imagesyalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com8 weeks
misc-scriptsStuff from ~/binyalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com6 weeks
pokersquaresPoker Squares source, for the Atari 2600yalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com5 years misc toolsyalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com4 weeks
taipanTaipan! for the Atari 800/XL/XEyalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com15 months
ttf-console-fontsTTF => Framebuffer font conversionyalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com3 years
unmac65Detokenize Atari MAC/65 SAVE filesyalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com10 months
unsaverDeactivate screensaver on joystick activity or fullsceen windowyalhcru -at- gmail _dot_ com7 weeks